This is My Feeling...


You asked me about any reflections on your grandfather´s poetry, and I will try to make some.


First of all I liked very much to read the poems! My first thought was that they reminded me of one of Sweden´s greatest poets-

Gustav Fröding, 1860-1911.  Like Fröding, Arthur Anderson has a very good sense of linguistic expression, the choice of words and the rhythm of the poems.  His style was simple and natural.  Both Fröding and Arthur had a good portion of humour too!


When I read for example, Midsummer Dance I think it could have been written by Fröding himself. 


                                                                                                                     ... Anna -Karin Pettersson, Luleå, Sweden



Biography of Gustaf Froding


Gustaf Fröding ( August 22, 1860 - February 8, 1911) was a Swedish poet and writer, born in Alster outside Karlstad in Värmland. The family moved to Kristinehamn in the year 1867. He later studied at Uppsala University and worked as a journalist in Karlstad. 

His poetry combines formal virtuosity with a sympathy for the ordinary, the neglected and the down-trodden. It is highly musical and lends itself to musical setting; as songs it has developed in to the much wider world of popular music and frequently been re-recorded by Swedish singers like Olle Adolphson and Monica Zetterlund. He wrote openly about his personal problems with alcohol and women.

He is generally held to be one of the greatest poets of verse that Sweden has ever produced, on par with Carl Michael Bellman.