Exploring Swedish Immigration:

A Group Endeavour



This course is a sharing and recording group project which will explore the personal stories of the immigration of our Swedish ancestors to North America.


The purposes of this course are:


  • To enrich our collective knowledge of our Swedish roots

  • To expand our understanding of Swedish immigration in relation to the history of the times in Sweden and North America

  • To consider our community and ourselves in relation to our families’ past experiences and dreams



     The course will foster greater appreciation and confirmation of our Swedish community and continue to strengthen links between Sweden and Manitoba. There may be the possibility of compiling the shared experiences into a book format.


Participants will be exploring such questions as:


“Why did they come here?  What were conditions like in their homelands?  What were they seeking?  How did they come? When?  Where did they land?  What did they first work at in the new land?  What did the women do?  How did they get through the hard times?  Did the children go to school?  Were they effected by disease?  Where are they buried?  What did their offspring work at?  How were conditions different?  Were the language and customs retained?  How? Is our generation different from or similar to the second one or to our grandparents’?  How?  What customs have you retained? What is happening presently with your recognition of ancestors and links to Sweden?”


Personal stories will be encouraged.  Pictures, artifacts, songs, and recipes may also be shared.



Dates and Times:   Fall 2014:    4 Thursdays, September 25th,

                                           October 2nd, 9th, 16th  

                                           6:30 – 9:00 pm.


Place:                   Scandinavian Cultural Centre:  Upper room

                           764 Erin Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  •   No cost; silver collection to cover materials


Please sign up by sending your intent to me as soon as possible...    



Thank you… I’m really looking forward to this and sharing more stories together!


Laurel Anderson-McCallum

Retired teacher

Communications Chair: Swedish Cultural Association