Thank You

Thank you very much to everyone at the Scandinavian Cultural Centre and the Swedish Association who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of the "Stoft"  project.  It has really awoken my cultural roots and many precious memories of my mysterious Swedish past.  You have made me feel very at home, right from my early, quietly nervous approaches at re-connecting with the Centre after many years absence.  

Time and distance, unfortunately, are masters at keeping family, friends and loved ones wandering in separate directions for often, generations.  We don't have to be Scandinavian to know this feeling of "awayness."


It is good to have that feeling of home.  Thank you.


-- Laurel Anderson-McCallum













Swedish Consulate 

I would like to extend a special thank you to Neil Carlson, Honorary Swedish Consul, for his kind donation in support of this cultural project.  Neil's father Ed, was the previous Swedish Consul, given the appointment after my grandfather's tenure had ended.  Ed Carlson and my grandfather were very good friends.  It was an honour, Neil to accept your support and hear you say, "My father would have liked me to do this..."

This is a lovely magazine packed full of information about Sweden, Swedes overseas and on our continent, in both English and Swedish. Lots of information on connecting, education, current research, trends and inventions.

Two  of their recent issues have displayed advertisements for "Stoft: Dust of Our Being."

A Tribute to the Swedish American Line

Information about Arthur and his work with SAL is being posted and collected on the beautiful site of Lars Hemingstad.