"The poem "Mid Summer Dance" on page 81 of the Swedish edition describes in a vivid way life in Gällivare and Vassara River. Our mountain Dundret that we love,"Dundret alone, with its’ snow covered top, I stand there and dream on a midsummer night ..".


It is an amazing book that Arthur A Anderson wrote in 1934."


-- Lars Israelsson, Cultual Director, Municipality of Gällivare, SWEDEN

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He's home again.

A Beautiful Discovery ...




Others are saying ...



"It's a story that has been lived over and over again in this country of immigrants. It's a story that is in our blood. I'm thankful to your grandfather for having written it down because through him I found another small part of myself."


-- Margy (Quebec, Canada)



"I read one of his poems everyday for inspiration ... he's Swedish, isn't he!"


-- Sonja (Winnipeg, MB Canada)



"It was fun to get back into Swedish, especially with the English translation. Just beautiful! So, so romantic! Back in our day, we, as children didn't get to know our relations - or our parents either, for that matter - in  connection with what they felt or how they were growing up. I guess we just took them for granted. They were there and we loved them ... in a nutshell!"


-- Maggie (Quebec, Canada)



I have been to two of Laurel's book readings.  She presents the poems in a way that all of us can enjoy.  If you are not a lover of poetry, this book could change your mind on how you feel about poetry."

                                                                                                                                          -- Natalie (Winnipeg, Canada)